Established in 1998 by the esteemed Dr. Kongjian Yu (Harvard GSD), a Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, laureate the Oberlander Prize and recipient of the IFLA Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award, Turenscape is acknowledged as a pioneering, government-accredited first-level design institute. With a dynamic team of over 500 experts, we specialize in architecture, landscape architecture, and urbanism, committed to delivering exceptional and holistic design solutions.

Visionary Leadership and Global Impact
Guided by the visionary leadership of Dr. Yu for more than 25 years, Turenscape has profoundly shaped the landscape of over 1,000 projects in upwards of 250 cities globally. Our dedication to innovation, cultural respect, and environmental stewardship has earned us a distinguished collection of over 100 international accolades. Highlights of our recognition include 14 ASLA Excellence and Honor Awards, 8 WAF Awards, 5 AZ Awards, the Holcim Awards, ULI Excellence Award, and the esteemed Cooper Hewitt National Design Award.

Philosophical Foundation: Symbiosis of Land and People
Our design philosophy, encapsulated by the mantra "Nature, Man, and Spirits as One," advocates for a harmonious integration of land (Tu) and humanity (Ren). This principle aims to cultivate sustainable environments through a deep-rooted connection between earth and society, ensuring a balanced coexistence for future generations.

Innovation in Urbanism and Landscape Architecture
Under Dr. Yu's leadership, Turenscape has redefined the fields of landscape architecture and urbanism, emphasizing the discipline as a vital "art of survival." This approach addresses contemporary challenges such as urban expansion, environmental degradation, and climate change through inventive practices. Our strategies, such as "negative planning," the "sponge city" initiative, "Big Foot Aesthetics," and "Deep Form," are testament to Dr. Yu's pioneering ideas, which prioritize ecological sustainability and functionality.

As Turenscape forges ahead, we remain dedicated to crafting enduring designs that foster a profound and lasting connection between communities and their environments, championing a future where both flourish in harmony.